Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Balrog (video game character)

Balrog is the American name of Mike Bison from the Street Fighter video game series. His name was changed for the American version of the game due to potential legal trouble with American boxer Mike Tyson. Balrog's Japanese name Mike Bison was said to be a parody of Mike Tyson, possibly bearing the full name of "Michael Gerard Bison." Capcom retconned his history and made him Mike, one of the first fighters in the original Street Fighter game.
According to his official biography, Balrog was born in America on September 4, 1969. He stands 198 cm and weighs 102 kg. His blood type is A. His special skill is gambling, and likes women and beer. He dislikes hard work and mathematics (or arithmetic according to the Japanese Wikipedia artlcle. Altavista's BabelFish translates 算数 (sansuu) into "arithmetic").
He was banned from boxing because he killed an opponent, so he entered the World Warrior tournament to make some quick cash. Unfortunately, the young Japanese fighter Ryu defeated him. Balrog then joined the Shadoloo criminal organization, and worked his way up from the bottom. While running errands for M. Bison, he killed Dhalsim's elephant with a single Gigaton Punch. One mission had Balrog sent to terminate Birdie. Although he didn't know why, Balrog went anyway. Birdie told him about the Psycho Drive, and Balrog agreed to help him find it, thinking he could make money off of it. When the Psycho Drive exploded, Balrog realized that he hadn't been paid recently.
After the events of Street Fighter II, it is likely that Balrog took Shadoloo's reins of power, and then spectacularly ran the organization into the ground. He lost all of his power and influence, and was reduced to a bum on the streets.
In Street Fighter: The Movie (1994), Balrog is a friend and co-worker of sumo wrestler Edmund Honda and Chun-Li Zang, and the three join the efforts of Colonel Guile to stop the reign of General M. Bison.

Alex (Street Fighter)

Alex is the "hero" character of Street Fighter III and its sequels.
As a Street Fighter III character, Alex has no official biography. All that is conclusively known about him is that he's American.
Alex entered the third World Warrior tournament because its sponsor, Gill had seriously injured his best friend and father figure Tom, even though Tom had told him Gill had won fairly. Tom allowed him to go, letting him make his own decision. Alex won every match and then faced Gill. Although he defeated him, Alex did not have a chance to kill him, and he went home, to find Tom fully recovered.
Thoughts of revenge no longer clouding his mind, Alex encountered Ryu, who offered a match with him. When Ryu won, he encouraged Alex to hone his skills and seek out worthy opponents.